What we talk about when we talk about Urban Morphology?

URBAN morphology

ART (Aesthetics Research Torino) Philosophical Seminar


October, 19. h 6pm

Palazzo nuovo (piano terra, Sala Lauree Ex-Lettere) & Online via webex: LINK TO PARTICIPATE


Prof. Marco Trisciuoglio

(Politecnico, Turin)

Human settlements, as anthropological products, show to have their own form. Reading and interpretating those forms is an important phase in urban analysis that preludes the urban design (communities of human beings, with their practices, their behaves, their interests, their dreams, their conflicts, move on a physical stage that is made by space and by stones, bricks, wood, glass, steel and concrete). The Italian school of Urban Morphology links the form of the city to the tectonics of buildings and to the interpretation of topography, passing through the taxonomic tool of the idea of “architectural type”. A first approach to these topics can be developed introducing the studies by Saverio Muratori and Gianfranco Caniggia (between the Fifties and the Eighties of the 20th sentury) and describing the paradigm of “transitional morphologies”, able nowadays to describe the urban dynamics of urban forms.